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Claude Dumont Beghi has acquired expertise in French and international tax law through the operation and understanding of trusts, foundations, off-shore associations in tax havens.


Expertise in French and international tax law

International cases has led to an increase in tax matters that involve a complexity aspect to the defense of her client. This tax issue is nonetheless an underlying interweaving of taxation, which Claude Dumont Beghi has used to denounce the avoidance mechanisms detrimental to the general interest.

Claude Dumont Beghi clearly understood that, apart from the breach of equality caused by tax fraud and clever schemes, it was very often women in the context of divorce or inheritance who were the real victims.

Indeed, as she describes it in “The Wildenstein affair, a story of spoliation” : “The tax evasion industry affects them (women) in the front line, just as it hits the States hard. Financial engineering is constantly modeling new patterns in all parts of the world, even the most remote regions. It is the only master on board a totally dematerialized economy and market whose headlong rush forward is accelerating exponentially, until the next loss of control. »

Claude Dumont Beghi compelled French legislator to intervene with the promulgation of the so-called “Wildenstein law” and was heard on several occasions, notably by the Commission of Inquiry into the evasion of capital and assets outside France and its tax consequences in the Senate on April 24, 2012, and then in February and May 2014 in the National Assembly on international tax evasion.

The technical nature of certain cases has enabled her to acquire an expertise in French and international tax law, in particular through the operation and understanding of trusts, foundations, offshore associations, free ports and tax havens.


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