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The role of a lawyer is to defend the causes submitted to her using both an offensive and subtle strategy, in order to defend the causes submitted to her.

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Recognized for her pugnacity and her management of complex cases, her sense of ethics and a peaceful settlement of disputes.

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Each case is based on an exclusive and personal approach to maintain the upmost trust of the client.

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Claude Dumont Beghi - Audacity and Pugnacity

Claude Dumont Beghi set up practicein 1985 as a lawyer specializing in general business law where her skills were quickly recognized. She has always been passionate about the Art World where her knowledge led her to open an activity in this domain. Always passionate about the Arts, she continues to maintain professional connections in this world.

However, the turn of events led her to represent the African Air Line Company for fourteen years.

This has given her a perfect expertise in international inheritance, particularly where artistic assets and complex financial placements are involved.

Her focus on “the intuitu personae”, the direct link with her clients, as well as her anticipation and strategy in delicate matters, allowed her to testify beforethe Senate and the National Assembly.  She were totally involved in African Affairs this before several committeesparticipated in the development of the Wildenstein law. She is recognizedas the leading lawyer for complex divorces and inheritances. Claude Dumont Beghi has been involved in Africa since the very beginning of her career.

Today, this is particularly expressed through her commitment and active participation in the development of African women’s rights, collaborating with the Foundation of the First Lady of Gabon and International Institutions. His pugnacity and her know-how are unanimously recognized, both in France and abroad.

Expertise of Cabinet Dumont Beghi Firm
The DNA of the Firm: Anticipation, Integrity, Efficiency

The mission statement of Claude Dumont Beghi Firm, is to provide support as well as rigorous and effective defense both nationally and internationally.

A pragmatic and concrete vision in terms of strategy allows the management of sensitive files relating to major financial risks.

The Firm intervenes in legal and judicial proceedings related to inheritance law, divorce, tax law and Ohada law.

In matters of litigation: defense before civil courts, conflict of laws, referral to international bodies..


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Claude Dumont Beghi has shaken the Wildenstein’s Empire, denounced connivance, unmasked frauds, broke silences and oblivion. It all began in 2001. The famous art dealer Daniel Wildenstein dies ruined according to his sons Alec and Guy. In 2003, Sylvia, his wife, chooses Claude Dumont Beghi as her lawyer.

Claude Dumont Beghi retraces her Gabonese adventure and gives her testimony. She does not avoid any taboo subject, from “Françafrique” to the so-called “ill-gotten gains” procedure, including the president’s birth certificate. A document that is also a reflection on the transformation of this singular country, on the path of modernity.

On the death of Daniel Wildenstein, a wealthy art dealer, his wife Sylvia renounced the estate. Claude Dumont Beghi, Sylvia Wildenstein’s lawyer, obtained the annulment of this renunciation. She discovers that the heirs have declared to Bercy “only”  43 million euros… out of an estate estimated between 5 and 10 billion euros, hidden in trusts.



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