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Dumont Beghi’s office has become a benchmark in international family law.


Divorces and international successions

Private international law is essentially the law governing relations between individuals that transcend borders.

The progress of civilization has gone hand in hand with the development of exchanges between different organized societies.

Nowadays, no population constituted as a State can live confined to its territory and in complete autarky.

Globalization has led to an increase in family matters that involve a foreign aspect.

An international private life similar to that which takes place within the different internal orders appears : people move around, create ties abroad, live in several countries and one day pass on their possessions.

These relationships or situations are said to have “connections” with more than one state.

Therefore, when a dispute arises with one or more foreign elements, it will be necessary to establish, on the one hand, the jurisdiction that will be competent to settle the dispute and, on the other hand, the law applicable to the disputed situation.

We commonly and respectively speak of conflict of jurisdictions and conflict of laws.

The Claude Dumont Beghi’s Law Firm  has become, with the experience of such situations, a reference in international family law constantly evolving.

Whether it is about divorce or international successions, whatever the financial stakes and whatever the complexity of the cases, Claude Dumont Beghi is the competent lawyer who will be able to defend your interests with the support and strategy adapted to your needs.

A benchmark in the field of art

Thanks to her expertise and know-how in particularly sensitive cases, Claude Dumont Beghi has distinguished herself in complex litigation where nothing could have suggested a favorable outcome.

The international cases in which Maître Dumont Beghi has been involved with unfailing dedication have frequently brought her back to the world of art, amidst the paintings of the greatest masters (Caravaggio, Monet, Bonnard, Gauguin) in the most secret places (free ports, tax havens).

Her experience in this inner circle makes her a reference in this field today.

Whether it is a question of finding the trace of a lost or plundered piece of art but also of accompanying the owner in the establishment of a work of art’s authenticity, the Law Firm of Claude Dumont Beghi is there to advise you and defend you in your action.

Choosing to give your trust and to be represented by Claude Dumont Beghi, means teaming up and facing up to her, in the rigorous and personalized defense of your interests, whatever the difficulties you may face.

One of her clients testified in this sense to her intuitive choice of Maître Dumont Beghi :

“I have chosen you. How I chose my thoroughbreds! »


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